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What Can I Do To Feel Happier?
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What Can I Do To Feel Happier?

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Happiness is a state of being that we all want to achieve. Finding out what truly makes us happy is not an easy endeavor, and takes time and purpose. The question “How can I be happy?” is very common. Though many of us confuse what feels good in the moment (often bad for us) to what can lead to lasting happiness.

The true secret to lasting happiness is that it's a journey that must be enjoyed, with processes that lead to continued progress. Here are a few processes we learned over the years from great mentors, and practitioners alike that will help you on your journey to happiness.

Feed Your Mind On Positivity Daily

How you feel comes from where you direct your thoughts. Every day we get negative things thrown at us that we didn’t ask for. Could be small like someone cutting you off on the road, or your boss treating you unfairly, having things not go the way you planned, etc. The point is a lot more negative things cross our lives than positive, we have to make a point to feed our mind with positive energy and thoughts. What are the best ways to feed your mind?

  • Read, at least 30 minutes daily on something positive, substantive. (Comics, Magazines, Social Media, etc does NOT count.)
  • Listen to Audiobooks or Podcasts, similar to reading, if you are like me and have long commutes, Audiobooks and Podcasts are a great way to direct your thoughts towards positivity.
  • Have meaningful conversations, skip the short, “how's it going, I’m good fine thank you” to something more meaningful. Find out what drives people, and share your desires and goals. Find people that are positive or mentors for you.
  • Journal and reflect, journaling is a great tool that many successful, happy people use to stay truthful to themselves, and helps them understand their state of mind.

Strengthen Your Body Daily

Mind, Body, Soul, are all one, and one can not be without the other.

  • Adopt a sustainable, healthy diet that you love. Don’t worry about having a specific diet or not eating X Y Z, keep it simple, dramatically lower your sugar, alcohol, and processed foods will naturally boost your mood and energy.
  • Exercise, do something you love! Doesn’t always have to be a gym, find a hobby you can get into, biking, swimming, tennis, basketball, hiking. Doing something you love will help you with consistency, and physical strength leads directly to mental strength.

You Are Your Closest Friends

Many of us stay around people who are at our level, or below us, partly because it makes us feel good about ourselves, and also because they don’t present a challenge, there is no growth here. Changing our immediate circle is one of the fastest ways to improve the quality of life and happiness.

  • Find yourself a mentor, find someone who has done what you want to do, or has been where you want to be. Learn everything you can from them, this will fast track you on your journey through life.
  • Make friends, associate with people who are positive, and ahead of you in life, this will open you more opportunities, and positive influences.
  • Put yourself around the right people who support your positive habits, and call you out on derailers.


Giving will change your state of mind in ways you can not imagine, one of my favorite books “The Richest Man in Babylon” Talks about the giving that leads to happiness and wealth.

  • Give without expectation of return, is the key. Be a blessing in the lives of everyone you meet will give you unbelievable understanding and satisfaction that it's not all about you. In turn, makes you much happier.
  • Just like how you should find a mentor, there are things you’ve learned and done through your life that can be so valuable to someone else. When you meet that someone else, help them and mentor them. The secret of living is giving.


Working on finding your happiness one day, or a week will not work, as stated earlier, it's a journey, and consistency is the key to it.

  • Build a rhythm, a good friend once said, “You can’t always be motivated, but you can always be disciplined” Building consistency around these habits will become easier with time, and keep you in the best state of mind you’ve ever been in.
  • Identify what feels good and what is actually good for you. Many of us confuse those two, having a few beers daily might feel good, but is NOT good for you and your state of mind.
  • Understand the Compound Effect. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither are good habits or excellence in life. What you don’t see from successful people is the day to day consistency that they put in. The compound effect is an exponential effect meaning the longer you do something, the greater the effect as time goes on. You might not see the changes in a week or a few months, but in a few years, 20 years, your life will be completely different.

So stick with it, enjoy a nice cup of Coffee Tea, and get on with your journey!