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Mon-Sun, 9am-5pm

About The Founders

Both passionate about health, fitness, and high-performance, Kevin and Eddie founded Balanced Boost in June 2018 with a mission to discover, create, and share the best all-natural products that would improve the physical and mental health of others.

Kevin and Eddie were both frustrated and uninspired working their corporate jobs and was looking for more fulfilling work - a great idea that they could work on together and chase their passion.

Over a cup of Mushroom Coffee, the idea sparked to mix in tea to see what it would taste like. After sipping the first concoction, their obsession for Coffee Tea was born.

The great idea tasted amazing but they both knew nothing about Coffee, Tea, and its industry. So they both set on a 1-year journey to take classes from world-class professionals on sourcing fair trade, the art of roasting and preparing tea to create the best possible cup of Coffee Tea.

Infusing their passion for health, fitness, and high-performance, Kevin and Eddie also sourced adaptogenic mushrooms to infuse all of their Coffee Tea blends with the highest quality extracts. This way every cup is filled with superfood health benefits that a regular cup of coffee or tea couldn't normally provide.

Today, it's their mission to share their passion for Coffee Tea, health, fitness, and wellness with friends like you around the world.